Thursday, 15 November 2012

Say what?!

Someone has flipped the speech switch on my little mouse! She just jabbers away all day to the extent that I struggle to remember how relatively quiet life was before she could talk! Lol

I take loads of videos of her chatting away but I really wanted to capture the magic on paper! I hunted high and low for a voice recorder (one guy even told me to go to a spy shop in the city!) to eventually find one locally. It only goes for a couple of seconds, but to me, those few moments are gold. Her little voice has never sounded sweeter!

I've kept the design very simple as the speech bubbles are the 'stars' of the show I guess. I made her face into a little bobblehead that hides the recording surprise underneath.

I created some customised some speech bubbles to each hold a little phrase and then printed onto cardstock

As ever, thanks for visiting!


  1. This is a fabulous idea- love it!!


  2. LOL I don't think my girl has stopped talking in the 9 years she has been here ;). Love the design of your page!

  3. Love this too! Hey Chantalle...I cannot find your email anywhere. Can you possibly email me at as I have something to ask you ? Thanks :)

  4. This is so clever Chantalle! Omg! You amaze me! And I hear congrats are in order . . .

  5. It must be a girl thing because my daughter has been a continuous source of babble since she said her first word. Love the idea of the recorder hiding behind the photo... you are so super clever. :)


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