Friday, 21 June 2013

Cake and Jelly in your belly!

Hello lovelies,

It's been a tough week. There have been ups and some not so nice downs. But the weekend is just about upon us, which is reason enough to celebrate!

I'm sharing some sweet treats on the Sassy Scrappers blog today... (party inspiration by Kim Jeffress)  The Pier is just too delicious!

If you would like to see a few close ups and see how I popped these babies together, pop over to the Sassy blog...

I will be back with some exciting news a bit later :)

Till then!


  1. Yum! Hope the weekend sees more ups than downs. Hugs xx

  2. very cute! I hope your week get better soon..x

  3. Well how cool is this LOVE it to bits !

  4. This all looks so cute! That's a party I'd definitely want to attend. :)

  5. Party On!!!!! Sweet and delectable goodies! Beautifully done!


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