Monday, 19 August 2013

Hello (again)

Hello hellooooooo!

Great to see some new followers... welcome!

Yes I've been naughty and neglected my bloggy over the week, choosing the 'quick and dirty' approach of social media while my son battled with "Mystery-Itis". Finally some answers last night at the hospital... naughty ears playing havoc again. This has been a crappy winter for him. Onwards and upwards into Summer 2013 I say!

Moving on, I shared some cards, using Carta Bella's 'Hello Again' on the Sassy Scrappers blog on Friday. In case you missed my Facebook post (want to follow me on Facebook? Here's the link Pop over if you'd like to see some close ups and a few tips on how I put them together :)

This collection, along with loads of other new arrivals, is available in store now! 

See you soon!


  1. Teehee! You are funny ;). LOVE LOVE these. Hope your boy is feeling better. x

  2. Great cards and the clean lines! Hope you boy is better soon....never nice when they are ill and one is unsure of the reason!


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