Friday, 17 January 2014

Shooting the Breeze

Hello hello!

I have enjoyed a little hiatus from the norm, with my DH on long holidays for a change
which saw us getting out there and enjoying this beautiful state of ours!

But that big wheel keeps on turning and it's back to reality with school before you know it!
I have a little one making her way into the big world of kindy this year which is exciting
(and a bit sad for Mummy!)

I created this layout late last year. I kind of just happened one evening.
It was incredibly cathartic, just letting the pen take me wherever it wanted to go.
It's not 'traditional' by any sense but the freedom was wonderful!

Everything about this layout is for that beautiful boy of mine. I snapped the photo of him
without him knowing. Just shooting the breeze, without a care in the world.


This Amy Tan paper, with it's freehand swirls, got me started. The design grew organically
around the image, almost like his journey, blooming and growing.

One of Josh's favourite hobbies is to draw. I had the biggest smile when he saw this layout
as my homage to him! He went straight off to create a little masterpiece.


You'll notice my blog is undergoing a little makeover too which is making me feel rather refreshed!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend... Thank you so much for stopping by!


  1. Well, the pen took you to a ... WOW, what a beautiful layout! :-)
    I´m very impressed! Such a personal and charming layout!

  2. Wow Chantalle, I love this so much, the doodling is amazing.

  3. Fabulous Chantalle & I just love that pic too. Cheers Di

  4. such a stunning page - I love the doodling and it looks amazing on this scrap page. Looking forward to what you share in 2014 - all the very best ♥

  5. What a beautiful layout Chantalle! Perfectly suits the photo of your son! Awesome... hugs...x

  6. Chantalle this is amazing! Love the title and the doodling is just wonderful

  7. This is amazing Chantalle it seems I need some lessons from you...BTW I am loving the new look blog, so fresh looking!

  8. wow! simply stunning! the detail... wow!

  9. certainly had some creative juices flowing here and created a really super page! Love the free and beautiful doodling and also love the photo of your boy! Yes, back to school it is...hopefully kindy for your little girl is going well. Joe started Grade 1 this year...and yes it was also a little sad for Mommy..but hugely exciting for him!!!! ;-)

  10. Sorry meant to say that I like the new look of your blog...looking fresh!!!! I like! ;-)


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