Friday, 21 February 2014

Get to the point...

Hello hello!

If your child talks as much as my Son, then I empathise completely! I have a layout celebrating his gift of the gab over on the Sassy blog today with this layout using Simple Stories 'Daily Grind'. For more info and details, you can hop over by clicking here.

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  1. I am not sure if my comment I will repeat just incase! I can totally relate and my son of late, can be a real chatterbox. Especially since he started school....every day is a questionable one!!!! LOL
    Such a sweet photo and a very cute page! ;-)

  2. So cool! What a coincidence - I've did a very similar layout recently! Love it!

  3. oh and I am totally hearing you about the non stop gabber gabber, farrrrr out I need ear plugs. Fantastic page chickie, love the random journaling in the speech bubbles, very clever you is!!! ;)

  4. Lol! Love this! You have captured his chattiness perfectly! I can already feel a headache coming on from all that chatter!

  5. Love all the journaling in the bubbles...


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