Monday, 15 June 2015

June Kraft Plus challenge

My project for the June challenge over at Kraft Plus might come across a little left-field! I saw the circles and I saw the animal print and I knew I wanted to push the envelope a little bit. Now you may have seen me do this type of thing with the Glitz hoops I made a while back, but they make such gorgeous wall decor and I'm very in to pink and navy at the moment. Not forgetting the ah-mazingness that is the Heidi Swapp MINC! I left South Africa many moons ago, but my heart will always beat to the sound of the drum.

To start, I glued some fur which I bought at Spotlight to a 12x12 sheet of kraft. It was a messy affair!! Fluff everywhere. I used a strong PVA to glue it down.

Whilst I was waiting for it to dry, I created a leopard print cutfile in Silhouette Studio, using an image of leopard print I found on the internet.

I then mounted the cut file to the fur paper using my sewing machine.  I just sewed in a circle and trimmed off the excess. My nose is itching just thinking about it! I then glued this furry circle to the underside of one of the smaller hoops (16cm diameter) I bought my embroidery hoops at Spotlight too.

To continue the leopard theme, I purchased an awesome vector print of a geometric leopard and printed it off onto cardstock. This also went into one of the smaller hoops.

The larger hoop (19cm diameter) was a bit more complicated to put togther logistically, as it took a few steps (and a few trial and error prints to get right!)

• First off, I found another awesome image of a geographic Africa. I adjusted the colour to suit and then printed it off onto cardstock, using my colour inkject printer.

• Next, I set the text 'left my heart in' and sent the same piece of paper to print, this time using my black and white laser printer. The reason I did this, is because the foil will only bond to toner.

• I then cut a piece of gold foil and placed this over the text area.

• Lastl, I ran it through the Minc on number 3 setting. (See below for step by steps pics)

I cut it out and mounted it into my final hoop. The outside of the hoop was then stitched with some embroidery thread to add an extra African vibe. It was a bit of a chuff and took loads of time (especially the stitching) but I'm super happy with the outcome!

I hope you will join us this month! Here is a reminder of the challenge.

 You've got until the end of this month to get your fabulous entries in.

Also, the MINC will be available in the Sassy Scrappers store very soon! You can place your order already, here

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