Wednesday, 17 February 2016

I've got a crush on you

A few days before Valentines Day I was chatting and joking with my kids about whether they would be expecting any love letters from secret admirers. My DS responded quickly, informing me that none of the girls like him so he wouldn't be receiving any. I was quietly relieved (there will be plenty of time ahead for girlfriends!!)  and I was quick to inform him that he is my forever Valentine. He stole my heart the minute I first laid eyes on his squishy, slightly purple face! His not-so-secret admirer, I've created this page with the new WRMK Crush papers and ephemera to show him just how much I adore him!

The stars of this page have got to be those Honeycomb paper hearts. WRMK have a selection of colour and size pads to choose from, along with stencils which can help you create a massive assortment of projects. For these hearts, I just tried cutting the heart shape freehand with scissors and was delighted when it worked ok!

Simply fan open and tape each flat side down to your project or alternatively, tape the ends to eachother for a 3 Dimensional item.

I've echoed the beautiful gem shapes in the ephemera pack using the Gem shape die cut in my Evolution Advanced. The lush gold accents compliment this gorgeous collection just beautifully.

 As a final touch, I've used my Heatwave pen tool along with some gold foil to draw some little hearts. A few tips i can share on this tool is really wait for it to heat up properly - it makes all the difference! Also, I tried a few other types of foil with the pen and they didn't work. The special heatwave foil is the best for the job.

Thank you so much for stopping by!

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  1. Oh this is so beautiful. I agree the star of the show is the honeycomb hearts with the gold foil hearts a close contender.


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