Monday, 5 November 2012

All about me

I feel like an awful Mum in that most of my scrapping involves my daughter. (I guess an excuse I could use it that I didn't know about Scrapbooking when Josh was little! lol)

Erin was fast approaching 2 and I wanted to document all of the crazy stuff she was up to. This layout was inspired by Jill Sprott. (I'm a big fan) It gave me a chance to document lots of ideas under one 'theme'. It's busy and colourful, just like my crazy little chicken!

 Each little envelope contains some journalling, so I don't forget what a busy-body she was at this age!


  1. Oh I just adore this!!!! So much fun.

  2. this sone rocks big time Chantalle, I adore those cutie patootie photos and your bits ad pieces in thatbottom envelope!

  3. So cool - love the envelopes full of journaling and bits! xx

  4. Chantalle, I am so happy to have discovered your blog! :) I'm tickled to have been mentioned here. Your layout is incredible! I love the use of the envelopes and accents, as well as that bold title.


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