Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Happy Haunting!

Ok so this is the first Heidi Swapp memory file I have ever played with and I think I may have gotten slightly carried away! But HOW much fun was it!!

I sometimes wonder if I have a scrapping 'style'... I guess I just want to have a bit of fun and maybe bend the 'rules' along the way ;)

Take a look at this one.... if you dare! Haha!

Open the rusty gates to the Haunted Mansion....

Inside you'll find all sorts of spooky delights! I've used lots from the October Afternoon Witch Hazel collection, one or 2 from Midway, along with a few bits from Pebbles' Tricks & Treats collection and (as ever) those gorgeous flairs from Greatest View

A little mini album hides some extra pics

Hope you all had as much fun on Halloween as we did!

Thanks for visiting!


  1. Wow!!! Such a fun "rule bending" project!!! Love every bit of it..x

  2. This looks so awesome! I love the pumpkins!! P.S. don't worry about whether you have a Scrapbooking style or not. I've spent five years searching for my style only to realize I'm a bitsa ;). As long as you are having fun that's all that counts.

  3. i love this!!! i thinkit looks great!! i know what you mean about getting carried away though, i stuffed my first memory file so full a friend told me it looked too cluttered. oh well, i love it and that's all that matters.


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