Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Greatest View - Dear Josh

This layout was up on the Greatest View blog recently and I thought I'd pop in on here as it may have gone under the radar!

The Story | These buttons just 'spoke' to me!

How you communicated the story | My son is getting to an age now, where he is able to test his own theories (and push those boundaries even further!) I feel like I'm talking to the walls at times! He seems to listen more to what I say if I write it down or if I'm desperate, I text him! Lol. I want him to know how important things like manners and perseverance in life are. Perhaps he will see this layout and take it in!
Dear josh_1 
Photos | This shot of him was taken on my iPhone and edited in Instagram.
Techniques or tips to share |  I really wanted to let the messages on the flair shine in this layout. I have purposefully kept the colour palette very neutral, only adding a hint of colour here and there to compliment the colour in the sentiments on the flair.
Dear josh_2 
Greatest View goodies used | 'Classroom Rules' badge set
Dear josh_3

Do you sometimes find it easier to text/write someone something heartfelt rather than say it face to face? Using specific 'journaling' on an embellishment can be an effective way of getting your message across!
Why not pop over to the shop now to see if the gorgeous new Easter flair 'speak' to you!
Thank you for all your kind comments, they mean the world to me!


  1. This is so simple but there is so much going on, I love it! Those buttons could not be more perfect.

  2. Wow.
    Hit me like a ton of bricks. It's genious and gorgeous. Shall add the link to my FB page!

  3. Chantalle this is awesome! I love the design..you make the photo and the flair your focus! I feel like a broken record with my 6 yr old sometimes...I'm sure all she hears is "blah, blah, blah" so your whole story and concept hits home. I MUST get those flairs.....!

  4. Love this one so much Chantalle :).

  5. Gorgeous page hun, love it in its simplicity... beautiful as always xo

  6. Chantalle, you made me smile...and gave me an idea to try! May be, may be if I message things (spmetimes) to my son, he´ll stop and listen to what I try to "say", too... :) I like your delicate style, so soft and ladylike but still charming and colorful... Thanks for brightening my day! :)

  7. Incredibly clean, delicate and frank LO. It touches the soul!..

    ... and those deep eyes with cunning little devils inside!))))



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